Silver Muse 2021

Competition-Eliminating Prices and Amenities

January 5-17 202112Auckland, New Zealand to Melbourne, Australia
Voyage SM210105012
January 5-19 202114Auckland, New Zealand to Sydney, Australia
Voyage SM210105014
January 19 February 2 202114Sydney, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand
Voyage SM210119014
February 2-16 202114Auckland, New Zealand to Melbourne, Australia
Voyage SM210202014
February 2-19 202117Auckland, New Zealand to Sydney, Australia
Voyage SM210202017
February 19 March 9 202118Sydney, Australia to Singapore
Voyage SM210219018
February 21 March 9 202116Brisbane, Australia to Singapore
Voyage SM210221016
March 9-22 202113Singapore to Hong Kong, China
Voyage SM210309013
March 22 April 5 202114Hong Kong, China to Tokyo, Japan
Voyage SM210322014
April 5-19 202114Tokyo, Japan to Tokyo, Japan
Voyage SM210405014
April 19 May 3 202114Tokyo, Japan to Tokyo, Japan
Voyage SM210419014
May 3-20 202118Tokyo, Japan to Vancouver, Canada
Voyage SM210503018
May 20-27 20217Vancouver to Seward (Anchorage)
Voyage SM210520007
May 27 June 3 20217Seward (Anchorage) to Vancouver
Voyage SM210527007
June 3-10 20217Vancouver to Seward (Anchorage)
Voyage SM210603007
June 10-17 20217Seward (Anchorage) to Vancouver
Voyage SM210610007
June 17-24 20217Vancouver to Seward (Anchorage)
Voyage SM210617007
June 24 July 1 20217Seward (Anchorage) to Vancouver
Voyage SM210624007
July 1-8 20217Vancouver to Seward (Anchorage)
Voyage SM210701007
July 8-15 20217Seward (Anchorage) to Vancouver
Voyage SM210708007
July 15-22 20217Vancouver to Seward (Anchorage)
Voyage SM210715007
July 22-29 20217Seward (Anchorage) to Vancouver
Voyage SM210722007
July 29 August 8 202110Vancouver to Seward (Anchorage)
Voyage SM210729010
August 8-19 202111Seward (Anchorage) to Vancouver
Voyage SM210808011
August 19-29 202110Vancouver to Seward (Anchorage)
Voyage SM210819010
August 29 September 12 202113Seward (Anchorage) to Tokyo
Voyage SM210829013
September 12-25 202113Tokyo to Tokyo
Voyage SM210912013
September 25 October 5 202110Tokyo to Tokyo
Voyage SM210925010
October 5-16 202111Tokyo to Tokyo
Voyage SM211005011
October 23 November 5 202113Hong Kong to Singapore
Voyage SM211023013
November 29 December 17 202118Singapore to Sydney
Voyage SM211129018
December 17 2021 January 3 202217Sydney to Auckland
Voyage SM211217017