Silver Spirit 2021

Silver Spirit 2021
Competition-Eliminating Prices and Amenities

January 4-16 202112Hong Kong, China to Hong Kong, China
Voyage SL210104012
January 4-10 20216Hong Kong, China to Manila, Philippines
Voyage SL210104S06
January 10-16 20216Manila, Philippines to Hong Kong, China
Voyage SL210110S06
January 16-26 202110Hong Kong, China to Singapore
Voyage SL210116010
January 26 February 9 202114Singapore to Hong Kong, China
Voyage SL210126014
January 29 February 9 202111Laem Chabang (Bangkok) to Hong Kong, China
Voyage SL210129S11
February 9-23 202114Hong Kong, China to Shanghai, China
Voyage SL210209014
February 23 March 12 202117Shanghai, China to Singapore
Voyage SL210223017
February 23 March 8 202113Shanghai, China to Ho Chi Minh City
Voyage SL210223S13
February 27 March 12 202113Hong Kong to Singapore
Voyage SL210227S13
March 12-27 202115Singapore to Mumbai, India
Voyage SL210312015
March 27 April 13 202117Mumbai to Piraeus (Athens)
Voyage SL210327017
April 18-25 20217Piraeus (Athens) to Piraeus (Athens)
Voyage SL210418007
April 25 May 5 202110Piraeus (Athens) to Civitavecchia (Rome)
Voyage SL210425010
May 5-12 20217Civitavecchia (Rome) to Venice
Voyage SL210505007
May 12-19 20217Venice to Civitavecchia (Rome)
Voyage SL210512007
May 19-26 20217Civitavecchia (Rome) to Barcelona
Voyage SL210519007
May 26 June 10 202115Barcelona to Southampton
Voyage SL210526015
June 10-22 202112Southampton to Copenhagen
Voyage SL210610012
June 22-29 20217Copenhagen to Stockholm
Voyage SL210622007
June 29 July 6 20217Stockholm to Copenhagen
Voyage SL210629007
July 6-16 202110Copenhagen to Copenhagen
Voyage SL210706010
July 16-23 20217Copenhagen to Stockholm
Voyage SL210716007
July 23-30 20217Stockholm to Copenhagen
Voyage SL210723007
July 30 August 9 202110Copenhagen to Copenhagen
Voyage SL210730010
August 9-16 20217Copenhagen to Stockholm
Voyage SL210809007
August 16-23 20217Stockholm to Copenhagen
Voyage SL210816007
August 23 September 3 202111Copenhagen to Southampton
Voyage SL210823011
September 3-15 202112Southampton to Southampton
Voyage SL210903012
September 15-27 202112Southampton to Southampton
Voyage SL210915012
September 27 October 8 202111Southampton to Lisbon
Voyage SL210927011
October 8-20 202112Lisbon to Lisbon
Voyage SL211008012
October 20-30 202110Lisbon to Barcelona
Voyage SL211020010
October 30 November 9 202110Barcelona to Piraeus (Athens)
Voyage SL211030010
November 9-19 202110Piraeus (Athens) to Barcelona
Voyage SL211109010
November 19-28 20219Barcelona to Lisbon
Voyage SL211119009
November 28 December 9 202111Lisbon to Fort Lauderdale
Voyage SL211128011
December 9-21 202112Fort Lauderdale to Fort Lauderdale
Voyage SL211209012
December 21 2021 January 3 202213Fort Lauderdale to Fort Lauderdale
Voyage SL211221013