Silver Spirit 2024

January 12-27 202415Cape Town to Cape Town
Voyage SL240112015
January 27 February 11 202415Cape Town to Cape Town
Voyage SL240127015
February 11-26 202415Cape Town to Mahe
Voyage SL240211015
February 26 March 13 202416Mahe to Dubai
Voyage SL240226016
March 13-29 202416Dubai to Athens (Piraeus)
Voyage SL240313016
March 29 April 11 202413Athens (Piraeus) to Athens (Piraeus)
Voyage SL240329013
April 11-24 202413Athens (Piraeus) to Athens (Piraeus)
Voyage SL240411013
April 24 May 6 202412Athens (Piraeus) to Venice
Voyage SL240424012
May 6-16 202410Venice to Civitavecchia (Rome)
Voyage SL240506010
May 16-28 202412Civitavecchia (Rome) to Barcelona
Voyage SL240516012
May 28 June 11 202414Barcelona to Southampton
Voyage SL240528014
June 11-22 202411Southampton to Southampton
Voyage SL240611011
June 22 July 4 202412Southampton to Reykjavik
Voyage SL240622012
July 4-14 202410Reykjavik to Reykjavik
Voyage SL240704010
July 14-26 202412Reykjavik to Southampton
Voyage SL240714012
July 26 August 7 202412Southampton to Southampton
Voyage SL240726012
August 7-20 202413Southampton to Reykjavik
Voyage SL240807013
August 20-29 20249Reykjavik to Reykjavik
Voyage SL240820009
August 29 September 7 20249Reykjavik to Reykjavik
Voyage SL240829009
September 7-20 202413Reykjavik to Southampton
Voyage SL240907013
September 20 October 4 202414Southampton to Lisbon
Voyage SL240920014
October 4-15 202411Lisbon to Civitavecchia (Rome)
Voyage SL241004011
October 15-25 202410Civitavecchia (Rome) to Venice
Voyage SL241015010
October 25 November 5 202411Venice to Athens (Piraeus)
Voyage SL241025011
November 5-16 202411Athens (Piraeus) to Athens (Piraeus)
Voyage SL241105011
November 16 December 2 202416Athens (Piraeus) to Doha
Voyage SL241116016
December 2-18 202416Doha to Mahe
Voyage SL241202016
December 18-28 202410Mahe to Mahe
Voyage SL241218010
December 28 2024 January 7 202510Mahe to Mahe
Voyage SL241228010