Silver Whisper 2025

January 7-21 202514Singapore to Hong Kong
Voyage WH250107014
January 21 February 1 202511Hong Kong to Hong Kong
Voyage WH250121011
February 1-15 202514Hong Kong to Singapore
Voyage WH250201014
February 15-25 202510Singapore to Bangkok (Klong Toey)
Voyage WH250215010
February 25 March 9 202512Bangkok (Klong Toey) to Hong Kong
Voyage WH250225012
March 9-23 202514Hong Kong to Tokyo
Voyage WH250309014
March 23 April 6 202514Tokyo to Tokyo
Voyage WH250323014
April 6-26 202520Tokyo to Singapore
Voyage WH250406020
April 26 May 14 202518Singapore to Mumbai
Voyage WH250426018
May 14-31 202517Mumbai to Athens (Piraeus)
Voyage WH250514017
May 31 June 7 20257Athens (Piraeus) to Athens (Piraeus)
Voyage WH250531007
June 7-14 20257Athens (Piraeus) to Athens (Piraeus)
Voyage WH250607007
June 14-21 20257Athens (Piraeus) to Athens (Piraeus)
Voyage WH250614007
June 28 July 9 202511Athens (Piraeus) to Split
Voyage WH250628011
July 9-18 20259Split to Valletta
Voyage WH250709009
July 18-27 20259Valletta to Nice
Voyage WH250718009
July 27 August 6 202510Nice to Barcelona
Voyage WH250727010
August 6-17 202511Barcelona to Malaga (Costa Del Sol)
Voyage WH250806011
August 17-28 202511Malaga (Costa Del Sol) to Barcelona
Voyage WH250817011
August 28 September 7 202510Barcelona to Nice
Voyage WH250828010
September 7-16 20259Nice to Valletta
Voyage WH250907009
September 16-25 20259Valletta to Split
Voyage WH250916009
September 25 October 6 202511Split to Athens (Piraeus)
Voyage WH250925011
September 25 October 6 202511Split to Athens (Piraeus)
Voyage WH250925011
October 17-24 20257Athens (Piraeus) to Athens (Piraeus)
Voyage WH251017007
October 24-31 20257Athens (Piraeus) to Athens (Piraeus)
Voyage WH251024007
October 31 November 7 20257Athens (Piraeus) to Athens (Piraeus)
Voyage WH251031007
November 7-14 20257Athens (Piraeus) to Athens (Piraeus)
Voyage WH251107007
November 14-28 202514Athens (Piraeus) to Lisbon
Voyage WH251114014