Silver Shadow 2022

January 4-19 202215Singapore to Cairns
Voyage SS220104015
January 19 February 3 202215Cairns to Sydney
Voyage SS220119015
February 3-18 202215Sydney to Auckland
Voyage SS220203015
February 18 March 5 202215Auckland to Sydney
Voyage SS220228015
March 5-20 202215Sydney to Auckland
Voyage SS220305015
March 20 April 4 202215Auckland to Sydney
Voyage SS220320015
April 4-20 202216Sydney to Cairns
Voyage SS220404016
April 20 May 6 202216Cairns to Singapore
Voyage SS220420016
May 6-24 202218Singapore to Yokohama
Voyage SS220506018
May 9-24 202215Bangkok to Yokohama
Voyage SS220509S15
May 24 June 9 202217Yokohama to Seward
Voyage SS220524017
June 9-16 20227Seward to Vancouver
Voyage SS220609007
June 16-23 20227Vancouver to Seward
Voyage SS220616007
June 23-30 20227Seward to Vancouver
Voyage SS220623007
June 30 July 7 20227Vancouver to Seward
Voyage SS220630007
July 7-14 20227Seward to Vancouver
Voyage SS220707007
July 14-21 20227Vancouver to Seward
Voyage SS220714007
July 21-28 20227Seward to Vancouver
Voyage SS220721007
July 28 August 4 20227Vancouver to Seward
Voyage SS220728007
August 4-11 20227Seward to Vancouver
Voyage SS220804007
August 11-18 20227Vancouver to Seward
Voyage SS220811007
August 18-25 20227Seward to Vancouver
Voyage SS220818007
August 25 September 1 20227Vancouver to Seward
Voyage SS220825007
September 1-8 20227Seward to Vancouver
Voyage SS220901007
September 8-27 202218Vancouver to Tokyo
Voyage SS220908018
September 27 October 7 202210Tokyo to Tokyo
Voyage SS220927010
October 7-17 202210Tokyo to Tokyo
Voyage SS221007010
October 17-27 202210Tokyo to Yokohama
Voyage SS221017010
October 27 November 10 202214Yokohama to Hong Kong
Voyage SS221027014
October 27 November 7 202211Yokohama to Shanghai
Voyage SS221027S11
November 10-24 202214Hong Kong to Singapore
Voyage SS221110014
November 10-21 202211Hong Kong to Bangkok (Klong Toey)
Voyage SS221110S11
December 8-21 202213Singapore to Bali
Voyage SS221208013
December 21 2022 January 8 202318Bali to Sydney
Voyage SS221221018