Silver Dawn 2023

January 5-16 202311Fort Lauderdale to Fort Lauderdale
Voyage DA230105011
January 16-23 20237Fort Lauderdale to San Juan
Voyage DA230116007
January 23-30 20237San Juan to San Juan
Voyage DA230123007
January 30 February 8 20239San Juan to Bridgetown
Voyage DA230130009
February 8-18 202310Bridgetown to Bridgetown
Voyage DA230208010
February 18-27 20239Bridgetown to San Juan
Voyage DA230218009
February 27 March 6 20237San Juan to San Juan
Voyage DA230227007
March 6-13 20237San Juan to Bridgetown
Voyage DA230306007
March 13-23 202310Bridgetown to Bridgetown
Voyage DA230313010
March 23 April 4 202312Bridgetown to Lisbon
Voyage DA230323012
March 23 April 1 20239Bridgetown to Funchal
Voyage DA230323S09
April 4-16 202312Lisbon to Civitavecchia (Rome)
Voyage DA230404012
April 23 May 5 202312Civitavecchia (Rome) to Lisbon
Voyage DA230423012
May 5-17 202312Lisbon to Southamptonn
Voyage DA230505012
May 17-31 202314Southampton to Copenhagen
Voyage DA230517014
May 31 June 7 20237Copenhagen to Stockholm
Voyage DA230531007
June 7-14 20237Stockholm to Copenhagen
Voyage DA230607007
June 14-28 202314Copenhagen to Copenhagen
Voyage DA230614014
June 28 July 5 20237Copenhagen to Stockholm
Voyage DA230628007
July 5-12 20237Stockholm to Copenhagen
Voyage DA230705007
July 12-22 202310Copenhagen to Copenhagen
Voyage DA230712010
July 22-29 20237Copenhagen to Stockholm
Voyage DA230722007
July 29 August 5 20237Stockholm to Copenhagen
Voyage DA230729007
August 5-15 202310Copenhagen to Copenhagen
Voyage DA230805010
August 15-22 20237Copenhagen to Stockholm
Voyage DA230815007
August 22-29 20237Stockholm to Copenhagen
Voyage DA230822007
August 29 September 8 202310Copenhagen to Copenhagen
Voyage DA230829010
September 8-22 202314Copenhagen to Copenhagen
Voyage DA230908014
September 22 October 6 202314Copenhagen to Copenhagen
Voyage DA230922014
October 6-20 202314Copenhagen to Copenhagen
Voyage DA231006014
October 20 November 4 202315Copenhagen to Lisbon
Voyage DA231020015
November 4-14 202310Lisbon to Barcelona
Voyage DA231104010
November 14-25 202311Barcelona to Lisbon
Voyage DA231114011
November 25 December 11 202316Lisbon to Fort Lauderdale
Voyage DA231125016
December 11-21 202310Fort Lauderdale to Bridgetown
Voyage DA231211010
December 21 2023 January 5 202415Bridgetown to Fort Lauderdale
Voyage DA231221015