Silver Shadow 2023

January 9 May 2023139Sydney to Fort Lauderdale
January 9-23 202314Sydney to Auckland
Voyage SS230109014
January 23 February 13 202321Auckland to Manila
Voyage SS230123021
February 13 March 3 202318Manila to Singapore
Voyage SS230213018
March 3-21 202318Singapore to Mahe
Voyage SS230303018
March 21 April 13 202323Mahe to Cape Town
Voyage SS230321023
April 13 May 1 202318Cape Town to Dakar
Voyage SS230413018
May 1-15 202314Dakar to Manaus
Voyage SS230501014
May 15-28 202313Manaus to Fort Lauderdale
Voyage SS230515013
May 28 June 12 202315Fort Lauderdale to Dublin
Voyage SS230528015
June 12-22 202310Dublin to Southampton
Voyage SS230612010
June 22 July 6 202314Southampton to Reykjavik
Voyage SS230622014
July 6-20 202314Reykjavik to Southampton
Voyage SS230706014
July 20 August 1 202312Southampton to Southampton
Voyage SS230720012
August 1-16 202315Southampton to Quebec City
Voyage SS230801015
August 16-27 202311Quebec City to Quebec City
Voyage SS230816011
August 27 September 7 202311Quebec City to Quebec City
Voyage SS230827011
September 7-18 202311Quebec City to Quebec City
Voyage SS230907011
September 18-29 202311Quebec City to New York
Voyage SS230918011
September 29 October 11 202312New York to Montreal
Voyage SS230929012
October 11-23 202312Montreal to New York
Voyage SS231011012
October 23 November 4 202312New York to Montreal
Voyage SS231023012
November 4-20 202316Montreal to Fort Lauderdale
Voyage SS231104016
November 20-29 20239Fort Lauderdale to Fort Lauderdale
Voyage SS231120009
November 29 December 8 20239Fort Lauderdale to Bridgetown
Voyage SS231129009
December 8-18 202310Bridgetown to Bridgetown
Voyage SS231208010
December 18-27 20239Bridgetown to Fort Lauderdale
Voyage SS231218009
December 27 2023 January 15 202419Fort Lauderdale to San Francisco (California)
Voyage SS231227019

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