Silver Whisper 2024

January 13-29 202416Sydney to Auckland
Voyage WH240113016
January 29 February 14 202416Auckland to Sydney
Voyage WH240129016
January 29 February 11 202414Auckland to Geelong
Voyage WH240129S13
February 14 March 3 202418Sydney to Singapore
Voyage WH240214018
February 16 March 3 202416Brisbane to Singapore
Voyage WH240216S16
March 3-20 202417Singapore to Mumbai
Voyage WH240303017
March 20 April 6 202417Mumbai to Athens (Piraeus)
Voyage WH240320017
April 20-29 20249Athens (Piraeus) to Ashdod (Jerusalem)
Voyage WH240420009
April 29 May 9 202410Ashdod (Jerusalem) to Venice
Voyage WH240429010
May 9-18 20249Venice to Civitavecchia (Rome)
Voyage WH240509009
May 18-27 20249Civitavecchia (Rome) to Nice
Voyage WH240518009
May 27 June 6 202410Nice to Barcelona
Voyage WH240527010
June 6-16 202410Barcelona to Lisbon
Voyage WH240606010
June 16-27 202411Lisbon to Civitavecchia (Rome)
Voyage WH240616011
June 27 July 8 202411Civitavecchia (Rome) to Venice
Voyage WH240627011
July 8-15 20247Venice to Venice
Voyage WH240708007
July 15-25 202410Venice to Athens (Piraeus)
Voyage WH240715010
July 25 August 1 20247Athens (Piraeus) to Athens (Piraeus)
Voyage WH240725007
August 1-12 202411Athens (Piraeus) to Athens (Piraeus)
Voyage WH240801011
August 12-23 202411Athens (Piraeus) to Venice
Voyage WH240812011
August 23-30 20247Venice to Venice
Voyage WH240823007
August 30 September 10 202411Venice to Civitavecchia (Rome)
Voyage WH240830011
September 10-19 20249Civitavecchia (Rome) to Nice
Voyage WH240910009
September 19-30 202411Nice to Lisbon
Voyage WH240919011
September 30 October 15 202415Lisbon to Lisbon
Voyage WH240930015
October 15-27 202412Lisbon to Athens (Piraeus)
Voyage WH241015012
October 27 November 7 202411Athens (Piraeus) to Athens (Piraeus)
Voyage WH241027011
November 7-18 202411Athens (Piraeus) to Athens (Piraeus)
Voyage WH241107011
November 18 December 4 202416Athens (Piraeus) to Mumbai
Voyage WH241118016
December 4-22 202418Mumbai to Singapore
Voyage WH241204018
December 22 2024 January 7 202516Singapore to Singapore
Voyage WH241222016